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New Orleans Museum of Art : Monday, October 3, 2016!

EVA's FASHION REJECTS fashion shows are completely different than conventional runway shows because our shows focus on enveloping our guests in an immersive concept, weaving a continuous story arch that fascinates, and elicits an emotional reaction.

Another feature that sets FASHION REJECTS apart is our Auction! As each designer takes the stage, their work becomes available for auction through the end of the event.

Guests have a unique and fun opportunity to get their hands on ORIGINAL ARTWORK, that they can wear!

Every year artists are tasked to create new work that reflects both their standard of design, as well as the theme of the show. Each piece will stand alone, and each piece will serve toward creating the over all vision.

The New Haute Couture, FASHION REJECTS rejects the idea of mass market design, and so fortunately, brings together artists from incredibly diverse backgrounds and aesthetics, based on the core motivation to create Art first, apparel second.

Cherry-picked from New Orleans most E'VILLE fashion designers, multi-media artists, and performers to carry off this year's theme:




TORNAPARTE. Berlin artist & designer Josephine Tornaparte to debut her design duo of bold colour, and unexpected forms strongly influenced by Punk culture, contrast with sharp, modern minimalism.

GOSSAMER GANG. An exclusive collection of Vintage Glam Gowns, Cocktail Dresses and Furs, from the 1950s through the 1990s! This fabulous array of over 400 gowns are being offered by a private collector, making them available for Art, Film, and Theatre productions, through Gossamer Gang, LLC.

HOWE BESPOKE. Engineer turned designer, B. K. Howe reveals suit designs and wood bow ties, capturing the elegance of fine textiles and form, with his stylized, mid-century approach.

MARIE OUBLIETTE. Parisian artist Marie Oubliette, and curator of Gossamer Gang, LLC announces her design of decadent, dark, and deathly original design by: A Lady with friends on The Other Side. Laeti convivios vestris qui domabat nobis.. Mlle Oubliette is known for post-modern, highly feminine details, highlighted through excellent craftswoman ship, often incorporating feathers, teeth, blood, and bones into her work.



Grab a glass of champagne, mingle with models, and place your bid on the very design pieces featured during this live event!


EVA Thanks YOU!

Many underground, unconventional, controversial, and burgeoning artists, rarely get the opportunity to express their gifts in such a hugely collaborative, and public way.

It means so much to us to be able to produce an event that showcases local and visiting talent in New Orleans; THANK YOU in advance for all of your gifts toward this exciting enterprise!